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Jonathan Taylor is author of a fascinating science fiction/historical fiction called The Forgotten Mission. The novel, written in non-linear sequence and spanned over more than 100 years, tells the story of Scott Salvador, who has been handpicked to complete a top-secret government project that has been in progress for more than 20 years. Centered around Area 51, Roswell, and other not-so-top-secret areas, this novel is sure to be a favorite among science fiction fans and conspiracy theorists.

The de-personalization of the characters-by only addressing them by first name (which are extremely common names like George, Tom, and Bob) and not giving them surnames (except Scott), creates an eerie tone that sends chills up your spine as you imagine them in their niche: sterile, secret laboratories in which information that has the potential to drastically change the universe as we know it is routinely exchanged. The “discarding” of people whose usefulness has…

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