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June 2015

Book Review: Enchanted by K.K. Allen

****4 Stars****
A Modern Take on Ancient Mythology

The Summer Solstice: Enchanted by K.K. Allen
The writing was great and engaging, which is difficult for me to say about some YA titles. The premise is interesting and was a take on mythology I hadn’t seen before. I honestly, really …


M.A.M. 6/29/15

Double your pleasure!

What could be better than Serge Henir? Seeing double! Now that’s a vision test!
When I started writing BloodMarked, Serge Henir was the epitome of my vision for Jami. Well, he still is, honestly. He’s rather perfect, don’t you think?

BloodMarked – The Book Shelf’s Read of the Month

BloodMarked is The Book Shelf’s Read of the Month for July 2015, and I could not be more excited!

In honor of the event, I’m giving 3 Kindle Copies of BloodMarked away to some lucky readers. For details, head on over to the Deals & Giveaways Page!
And be sure to check out The…

July 1st is Indie Pride Day!

Calling all wonderful friends & BloodMarked readers:

Next Wednesday, July 1st, is Indie Pride Day. I’m sure you’ll see me posting about it incessantly in the next week. Me and a ton of other Indie Authors are trying to flood social media with support for the ‪#‎IndieBooksBeSeen‬ …

BloodMarked – July Read of the Month

I’m super excited to have BloodMarked be the July Featured Read of the Month for the Goodreads group, The Book Shelf!

So excited in fact, that I’ve decided to give 3 Kindle copies of BloodMarked away to some lucky readers!
For giveaway details, head on over to the Contest…

Book Chat: Grey by E.L. James

Some wonderful friends and their thoughts on Grey by E.L. James. Since I ranged from *meh to vehement hatred* while reading FSOG, I will take their words for it, but if you planned to read the book – I won’t judge 🙂 – enjoy their reviews.

Beyond Normal Chicks

Book ChatTitle:  Grey

Series: Fifty Shades of Grey #4

Author:  E.L. James



Don’t stone me but… I did not care for the trilogy. I disliked being inside Anastasia’s mind. The only thing I halfway liked was Christian but I only saw him from her POV. I always said I probably would have liked the books so much more if it was from his POV. I got my chance and I took it.

I was actually looking forward to this book. I wasn’t beside myself excited but I definitely wanted to know his thoughts on things.

Retelling a story in a different POV doesn’t always work out well. I won’t name any names, but if poorly written, it could completely change my outlook on the original story (if I let it).

I am happy to inform you that I was right. I did enjoy this telling of the book from Christian’s…

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M.A.M. 6/22/15

You know what it was today? TOO DAMN HOT!

I wish I could have spent the day in the water… With the beautiful Diego Sechi… Yum

BloodMarked Merch and Swag Store

The Lu J Whitley eStore is Live!

So I’ve caved…or gone willingly…and made an online store full of BloodMarked merchandise (and I coincidentally need ALL of it!).

Get Marked Book Cover Hoodie The beautiful BloodMarked…

Presenting Special Guests-Jen Winters and Yuruch

Jessica Wren Fiction

Jen irwin

Hello, everyone. This is my friend, Jen Winters. She is the author of the Guardians series. In addition to being an accomplished author, she is also a married mother of two and co-admin for Author Promo Co-Op. She works very hard to keep a balanced life, which includes reading, writing, parenting, and promoting other authors! Let me tell you a bit about her books:

kissing demons

Kissing Demons is Book 1 of the series. Narrated by the kick-ass Guardian Geneva Archer, who, upon her natural death, was appointed by God the task of cleansing people’s auras when they are affected by evil and protecting the world from demonic attacks. One evening, she decided to have a drink at a hideaway bar for supernaturals, where she meets her soulmate, Alex Wolfe. The two begin a hot, steamy relationship. Unfortunately, Alex is the son of the demon Yuruch, who has been a thorn in Geneva’s side…

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