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September 2015

#FreeIndieFriday: The DCI Jones Casebook

Crack the case this #FreeIndieFriday with Kerry J Donovan’s Mystery novella, The DCI Jones Casebook: Raymond Collins


The DCI Jones Casebook: Raymond Collins is the first in Kerry J Donovan’s Detective Mystery series starring Chief Inspector David Jones. And right now, you can get it for FREE! Continue reading “#FreeIndieFriday: The DCI Jones Casebook”


Re-Blog This! New Book Releases

The Dichotomous Author

Hello all!

As I am an indie author myself, I love to help out fellow authors anyway I can. One way I like to do this is to get the word out about their books and promotions. I’ve noticed that many of my author friends have promotions running or books coming out soon, so I figured it was time for another rundown of new releases. So sit back, scroll through and find your next great read!

Cerie Hinton

Santa’s Naughty List: 25 Tales Of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas

Preorder now, the collection will be available November 22, 2015!

Blurb from Amazon:

Authors included: Julia Mills, P.T. Macias, C.A. Tibbitts, Melissa Bell, Armanda Kimberly, R.L Merrill, Darlene Kuncytes, P. Mattern, Solease M. Barner, C.D. Gorri, Danielle James, Dariel Raye, Monica Corwin, Addison Kline, KD Jones. Kelly Cozzone, Diana Marie Dubois, James WF Roberts, Heather Kirchhoff, Samantha Laverell, Georgiana Pallett, Stephanie Maycott, Daniella Whitehorse…

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A Review of The Dragon and the Apprentice by Sully Tarnish

The Dichotomous Author

I recently finished an excellent fantasy story called, The Dragon and the Apprentice by Sully Tarnish, which is sure to delight readers of all ages. It’s the first book in the Chronicles of Sir John the Worm Series. It’s a whimsical tale with robust characters and a plot full of shenanigans. The story takes place in the English countryside, in the time of knights and kings, of course, which lends a magical backdrop to the tale. The characters are highly likable, and you can’t help but giggle at their constant need for to be proper, even when scheduling duels. The story follows the rocky friendship of Sir John the dragon and Palomides and their never-ending desire to best each other during their annual contest. The result of one such battle leads them to make a most unusual wager. The rest of the story follows them on their quest to find…

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#WriterWednesday: Ani Manjikian

Happy #WriterWednesday Ani Manjikian!
Writer Wednesday, Indie Authors, Lu J Whitley

★ Ride into the stars this #WriterWednesday with horse enthusiast and Indie Author, Ani Manjikian

Ani ManjikianBio:

Born and raised in Southern California, the diagnosis of hydrocephalus at birth should have killed Ani, or worse, left her blank to the world. Her strength of spirit, parents’ love, and a miracle all combined to overcome that prognosis within nine months. From this almost impossible beginning, she has developed into all-around person with the technical knowledge and analytical mind of a programmer, creative and detailed orientation of a writer/editor, and aesthetic instincts of a designer/photographer.

Ani’s writing career started when a friend in Cyprus made her promise to stop throwing away her writings because she thought they weren’t good enough. After returning to the States, Ani set out to finish a single horse story and try to get it published. However, the book, like the writer, needed time to mature. While perfecting her craft, Ani graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in Industrial Arts and worked several jobs from retail sales to human resources project management. Her innate ability to learn new computer programs with minimal instruction combined with her need to be creative led to her current long-term stint as a web designer and developer.


Stars of Heros spans from the 19th Century to the 26th Century and beyond. The series title is a tribute to, and a word play on, the main themes in the books: horses, space, family, and heroes. Whether ordinary people or aliens, these heroes try to make a difference on their home world.

Spirit of the Lone Horse, Stars of Heros, Ani Manjikian, Book CoverSpirit of the Lone Horse (Stars of Heros #1)

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Release Day Special: Broken

And Death it calls as the stone crow breaks.
Streaks of blood malform its face.
Death becomes its withered eyes and the shadows whisper, “Lies.”

Broken, Angela B. Chrysler, Book Cover


It’s release day for Indie Author Angela B. Chrysler’s new novel, Broken! Continue reading “Release Day Special: Broken”

#FreeIndieFriday: Partners

What happens in Vegas might not stay there…
With Partners by Mimi Barbour on this #FreeIndieFriday!

Partners, the first book in Mimi Barbour’s hit Vegas Series, is an:

“Action-packed crime thriller of two people forced together as Partners. This short introductory story, Book #1 for the well-loved Vegas Series, begins the action that never slows down throughout all six books. **114 Reviews with a 4.5 star rating is indicative of just how much the readers love this series!!!”

About Partners:

buy now

Amazon Ranking: ★★★★★ 4.5/5

Partners, The Vegas Series, Mimi Barbour, Book CoverWhen attractive Las Vegas detective Aurora Morelli makes a friend, she takes the relationship very seriously… and if anyone hurts that person, they’re going down!

While Aurora may be slim and dainty on the outside, she has the heart of a lion, and when angry, the manners of a she-cat. The sick schmuck who dared attack her partner, Debbie, is now her prime target, and nothing or no one will stand in her way. Except maybe her new partner – a purse-carrying, Bruce Willis lookalike who arrives in town seeking vengeance on the same culprit.

Kai Lawson doesn’t want a partner. Especially if she’s one he has to protect. After all, his mind is solely on getting to the animal who raped his sister. The same guy responsible for her suicide. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. That was Kai’s plan, also.

About Mimi Barbour:

New York Times & USA Today Best-selling romance author has written 5 series and over 30 books. She lives on the beautiful East coast of Vancouver Island and writes her books with tongue-in-cheek and a mad glint in her eye. The fans all agree that it’s the fascinating characters she creates which makes her writing so entertaining and brings them back for more of her magic.

Connect with Mimi:

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#WriterWednesday: K.M. Hodge

Happy #WriterWednesday K.M. Hodge!
Writer Wednesday, Indie Authors, Lu J Whitley

★ Saving the world, one starving Indie Author at a time. Meet author and “Seasoned” good samaritan, K.M. Hodge!

K.M. Hodge, Indie AuthorBio:

K.M. Hodge is a stay-at-home mom of two energetic boys, who does fundraising events and grant writing on a part time basis. When she isn’t busy trying to feed all the starving children of the world, she enjoys reading books by indie authors, catching up on tv shows, playing board games, and trolling the internet for X files Season 10 spoilers. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter as well as on her blog, The Land of Hodge.

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Seasons (The Syndicate Series, Book 1)

buy now

Amazon Ranking: ★★★★ 4.4/5

Seasons, K.M. Hodge, Book CoverSpecial Agent Alex Bailey is trying to put his sordid and traumatic past behind him. Looking for redemption, he takes on a new secret mission and partner, Katherine Mitchel.

On the eve of their partnership, Katherine uncovers damning evidence against a crime ring known as The Syndicate.They control the Police, Congress, even the FBI and will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

With her life on the line, Katherine is forced to put her faith in Alex as she flees from Washington D.C. and is placed in the Witness Protection Program. But you can’t run from The Syndicate. In what becomes the most dangerous investigation of their careers, Alex could ultimately prove to be Katherine’s last and only hope.

★ Get Seasons for just 99¢ September 9th – September 16th! ★

Connect with K.M. Hodge:


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Presenting a Special Guest-Lynne Murray

Source: Presenting a Special Guest-Lynne Murray

#FreeIndieFriday: Just Needs Killin’

And you Just Need Hetta Coffey in your life this #FreeIndieFriday!


Jinx Schwartz just released the 7th volume in the Hetta Coffey series entitled Just Different Devils! To celebrate, TODAY ONLY, you can get book 6, Just Needs Killin’, for FREE!

Just Needs Killin’

buy now, Just Needs Killin' Hetta Coffey, Jinx Schwartz

Amazon Ranking: ★★★★★ 4.5/5


51D1NLe+1OL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht and she’s not afraid to use it!

After several months of cruising Mexico’s hauntingly beautiful Sea of Cortez, Hetta’s in Puerto Escondido, a place once described by author John Steinbeck as “a magic harbor.” Anchored out, swaying on the hook at the whim of breeze and tide, surrounded by magnificent views and turquoise water can be magical. Stuck at anchor alone? Not so much.

So when her best friend, Jan, gets them an invite to a party at a nearby luxury resort hosted by a Japanese businessman—all expenses paid—Hetta figures, why not? Why turn down an evening of free food and booze? And besides, what could possibly go wrong?

With Hetta involved? Plenty.

Not only are she and Jan soon up to their necks in hot sake, a succession of unsavory intruders sends Hetta scurrying for a safe harbor, but not before she reaches the conclusion that some folks just need killin’.

About The Hetta Coffey Series:

In my humble opinion… I accidentally started the Hetta Coffey series with book 5, Just the Pits, and I immediately fell in love with Hetta. She’s a tough broad who doesn’t take guff from anyone… Especially people who steal her velveeta!

I just realized today that I never wrote a review and set about to rectify it immediately, so read my hot off the presses review here:  Just the Pits by Jinx Schwartz


Jinx SchwartzAbout Jinx Schwartz:

Jinx Schwartz is the author of ten novels, including the award-winning Hetta Coffey series. Like her protagonist, Hetta, she is a woman with a yacht, and not afraid to use it.

Connect with Jinx:

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