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May 2015

Success is Relative

So today, I sold a book, and broke into the top 175,000 in sales on Amazon. That may not seem like something to smile about. Just one book? Not in the top 10? Continue reading “Success is Relative”

#IndieRoar Challenge Time! You Ready for June 1st?!

Sign up to support your favorite Indie Authors June 1st-10th!

The NoteBook Blogairy

First things first.  Do you sort of like Indie books? Indie Authors?  Indie anything?  Okay. You’re in the right place.

Next, do you do Twitter?  I mean seriously.  Are you a part-time tweeter?  A one-in-a-blue tweeter?  Or, are you a hardcore Twitter-nista? Why?

‘Cause for the #IndieRoar challenge from Monday, June 1 through Wednesday, June 10 we are going to throw out a new challenge every day for you to show your Indie chic savvy coolness!  Bone up on your Indie news and views, authors and series!  We want you to show us your Indie passionate roar!

No! We won’t ask you to do anything illegal, or get naked. (If you choose to do these things, we’ll watch! 🙂) Kiddin’!  But we will dare you! Maybe even scare you a bit! But, it’s all good Indie fun!

We’ve got prizes for the three overall winners that make us…

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#IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge: Are you ready?! (June 1 – 10)

#IndieRoar 10 day Challenge! Are you in?

The NoteBook Blogairy

 “Self-published authors are “dominating traditionally published authors” in sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/thriller, and romance genres but — and here is the surprise — they are also taking “significant market share in all genres.”Surprising Self-Publishing Statistics, Publishers Weekly, July 28, 2014

When you read the quote above what do you think?  Are you surprised?  Mad?  Thrilled?  We’re here to tell you that your Indie Quotient is not something we’re going to quantify.  However, we want to see your Indie prowess and pride!  To that end, you are cordially invited to join the first ever #IndieRoar 10-Day Challenge!

Show your deep knowledge, love and passion for your favorite Indie books, series and authors by joining this Twitter 10-Day Challenge.  You’ll get a new challenge every day for 10 days starting Monday, June 1st through Wednesday, June 10th, 2015!

You won’t know what’s coming next!  You’ll have to use your…

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M.A.M. Memorial Day Edition

Some gave all, All gave some.

Continue reading “M.A.M. Memorial Day Edition”

WizardCon STL!

Had a great time at WizardCon St. Louis!
BeFunky Collage

Thanks to everyone who came out and made Saturday a great day! Continue reading “WizardCon STL!”

Me – A Featured Author?

Reaction GIF: me?, Hugh Laurie

Why yes. It’s true!

Check me out!

Continue reading “Me – A Featured Author?”

STL Wizard Con

Can you see me now?


I’m on my way down to St. Louis this Saturday to walk amongst my people. Continue reading “STL Wizard Con”

Author Spotlight-Catherine M. Walter

Jessica Wren Fiction

More and more, I am beginning to enjoy reading historical fiction. I am learning a lot. In a 10th grade World History class, I learned about Ancient Egypt and the Pharaoh, but never much beyond that, Until reading The Harmony of Isis, it was difficult to think of ancient civilizations in anything other than abstract terms. Walter, an anthropologist by trade, brought to life the world of the Pharaoh and ancient Egypt in her gorgeously woven tapestry of a tale that juxtaposes the ancient with the modern, the light with the darkness, and the good with the evil. She humanizes people whom we are only used to seeing in heiroglyphic drawings by making them “real” people with pain, fear, joy, jealousy, good, and evil.

Isis (later revered as a goddess) is singing a powerful “song” in order to locate the remains of her dead husband, Osirius, who had been murdered…

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Memorial Day 99¢ Sale

Get BloodMarked from your favorite online Ebook retailer for only 99¢!! Continue reading “Memorial Day 99¢ Sale”

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