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August 2015

Bloodmarked by Lu J. Whitley

The Minter Book Reviews


Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, Supernatural Thriller, and Dark Comedy

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Editing/Proofreading: 5/5

Linguistics/Stylistics: 6/5

Plot Development: 4/5

Plot Pacing: 4/5

Character Development: 5/5

Rating: 18+ for profanity, graphic violence, and sexual language and situations.

You saw your mother die an unspeakable death. You then get kidnapped by a fearsome (but mysteriously sexy) stranger who insists he trying to carry you to safety. You spend the next few days on the run with said fearsome and mysteriously sexy stranger and find your lust for him growing exponentially. You are then separated from your fearsome and mysteriously sexy friend and find yourself in a gigantic castle equipped with all sorts of Medieval torture devices. When you demand to speak to the person in charge, you find yourself sitting across a huge desk from…your dad? it would be enough for you to say “F this!”

Meet Greta Brandt, the kick-ass heroine in…

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B2B Blog Tour: Owen Thomas

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Fact

Author: Owen Thomas
Genre: Literary Fiction

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B2B Blog Tour: Aurelia Maria Casey

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Facts

Author: Aurelia Maria Casey
Genre: fantasy and science fiction, with occasional hints of romance and thriller
Books: Sorcerous & Beastly Season 1 from the Sorcerous & Beastly Series

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B2B Blog Tour: P.H. Solomon

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Fact

What Is Needed 2
Author: P.H. Solomon
Genre: Fantasy
Trading Knives
What Is Needed
The Black Bag

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B2B Blog Tour: Alan Black

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Facts

Author: Alan Black
Genre: A little bit of everything
Metal Boxes - Trapped Outside 3Chasing Harpo (action/humor)
Metal Boxes (science fiction – military, space opera)
The Friendship Stones (Christian, historical, young adult – book one in An Ozark Mountain Series – 1920)
Steel Walls and Dirt Drops – (science fiction – military)
The Granite Heart (Christian, historical, young adult – book two in An Ozark Mountain Series – 1920)
Chewing Rocks (science fiction – space opera)
The Heaviest Rock (Christian, historical, young adult – book three in An Ozark Mountain Series – 1920)
A Cold Winter (western novelette)
Titanium Texicans (science fiction – young adult space opera)
Empty Space (science fiction – military)
How To Start, Write, and Finish Your First Novel (non-fiction)
The Inconvenient Pebble (Christian, historical, young adult – book four in An Ozark Mountain Series – 1925)
Metal Boxes – Trapped Outside (science fiction – military, space opera)

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B2B Blog Tour: Nicholas Rossis

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Facts

Author: Nicholas C. Rossis
Genre: Epic Fantasy and Short Sci-Fi

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B2B Blog Tour: Judith Quate

Brain to Books Blog Tour

image2Fast Fact

Author: Judith Quate
Genre: Memoir
Book: Our Special Child:  Jason’s Story


image1I am a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, sister and a good friend.  This is what defines me.  What I present to you on this website is a mixed media artist who creates inspirational art and fiber creations.  What most inspired me to launch my business is the valuable lessons I learned for twenty-eight years raising a son with cerebral palsy.  I was his nurse, social worker, advocate, therapist and most importantly, a loving mother.  My book, Our Special Child:  Jason’s Story, will soon be available and you can purchase it here on this website.
I create mixed media paintings and designs because I want to share the valuable lessons I learned caring for my son. He inspired me every day and it is now my turn to pay if forward.
I lived in Philadelphia for most of my life.  Nine years ago my husband and I moved ten miles north of Philly to Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  I loved the city but it was time to live in a more peaceful surroundings in my retirement years.
I started creating my business four years ago after I retired from my federal government position.  I worked over 40 years of my life, 22 years with the federal government.
I am sole owner of my business and designer.  I love working alone, making my own decision and working the hours I choose to work.  I share my time babysitting my two grandchildren and working out at the gym.  Life is good and I am making the most of it.
Book Blurb

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B2B Blog Tour: C.L. Schneider

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Fact

Author: C.L. Schneider
Genre: Fantasy
The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price
The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars

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B2B Blog Tour: Ashley Capes

Brain to Books Blog Tour

Fast Factbgandossmall

Author: Ashley Capes
Genre: Poetry
Books: Old Stone Between Giants
Official  Site

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