Meet the ever wonderful Les Lynam, in his first web interview with Gram Peachy.


I would like to welcome author Les Lynam to Peachy’s Insights today. Les is the author of the Time Will Tell series, a delightful series about time travel. Welcome Les!

Les Lynam profile picLL: Thank you, Gram! (Is it OK if I call you Gram? We’re probably close to the same age.) I appreciate you asking me to stop by.

GP: I believe we were born in the same year, so yes, you can call me Gram. Les, I’m sure that readers want to know more about you as a person outside of being an author, would you tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies, favorite things to do and anything else you feel like sharing with readers.

LL: I’m a retired librarian… which makes people think all ‘bookish’ thoughts right up front, but I was the computer geek librarian. Much of my career, I was the Systems Librarian at the University…

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