An interview with Veronica del Rosa by the fabulous Grandma Peachy and guest interviewer, Jen Winters.


Jen WintersPlease welcome guest interviewer Jen Winters and author Veronica Del Rosa author of the Enforcers and Coterie (3 Book Series).

Jen: Thank you, Grandma Peachy for hosting me with Veronica today! Veronica, tell us a bit about you and your books.

Veronica Del RosaVeronica: I’m a computer geek who grew up reading romance novels. When I met my husband, I fell in love with his fantasy books, which grew into an obsession with Forgotten Realms. From there, it was natural for me to seek out paranormal romance and urban fantasy books.

As for my books, they’re classified as paranormal romance, but have a lot of elements of urban fantasy. I like to create a world that steps off the pages, takes your hand, and gives you one hell of an adventure. Along the way, you fall in love and banter with the characters.

Jen: Ok, that was for the readers who don’t know…

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