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Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, Supernatural Thriller, and Dark Comedy

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

Editing/Proofreading: 5/5

Linguistics/Stylistics: 6/5

Plot Development: 4/5

Plot Pacing: 4/5

Character Development: 5/5

Rating: 18+ for profanity, graphic violence, and sexual language and situations.

You saw your mother die an unspeakable death. You then get kidnapped by a fearsome (but mysteriously sexy) stranger who insists he trying to carry you to safety. You spend the next few days on the run with said fearsome and mysteriously sexy stranger and find your lust for him growing exponentially. You are then separated from your fearsome and mysteriously sexy friend and find yourself in a gigantic castle equipped with all sorts of Medieval torture devices. When you demand to speak to the person in charge, you find yourself sitting across a huge desk from…your dad? it would be enough for you to say “F this!”

Meet Greta Brandt, the kick-ass heroine in…

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