Running, Running, Running!

Welcome to August! It’s usually the busiest month of my year, and 2015 looks to be no exception. I’m so busy running I’ve had to enlist the help of Scott Eastwood here to pick up the slack. If he can run through LA barefoot, shirtless, and in jeans (a man after my own heart), I’m sure he could handle even my busy schedule. Run Scott, Run!

So here’s a rundown of upcoming stuff in Lu Land – cue scampering around like scatterbrained chicken:

Dear God I hope that’s all :)

So if I seem distracted at all. Or take a while to reply to messages this month. Please know that I’m not being rude or trying to avoid you. I’ll do my best to keep up with everything…including writing BloodStone. I know lots of you are eagerly waiting to hear more about our lovable hero Stein – here’s a little secret, so am I. :)

Happy Reading ~ Lu


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