This week, I was inspired to start a new post category by Author Jennifer Anne Seidler. While I believe no author should have to give their hard work away for free, this isn’t a perfect world. And if an author chooses to offer their books for free, then I’m going to try my damndest to move as many of those books and get them as close to the Amazon #1 spot as possible. Who’s with me?


So meet Jennifer Anne Seidler and her debut novel, Dry Land, which will be FREE 7/31 – 8/2!!!

Dry Land by Jennifer Anne SeidlerBlurb:

When mankind toys with nature, nature fights back. Astronaut Ted “Shakespeare” Hardiston is setting off on the adventure of a lifetime — for the rest of his life. He reluctantly leaves behind his wife, an android/human hybrid, to command the first base on the surface of the moon. Ted and the crew of Space Shuttle Liberty complete their mission, gifting the Moon with gravity and an atmosphere. In doing so, they cause mass destruction on the Earth below. By Ted’s side during this ordeal is Codie-5, another hybrid and a genetic duplicate of Ted’s wife. Ted, Codie, and the crew must work fast and make sacrifices to save the world — and for Ted, to return to the love of his life.




Jennifer Anne SeidlerJennifer Anne Seidler lives with her husband, three children, dog, chickens, rabbits and one very cute (according to her daughter) hamster on the shores of the scenic Wisconsin River. She is an alumna of Millikin University where she studied theater and creative writing, as well as DePaul University where she earned her Juris Doctor. She is a brown-stripe belt, next stop black belt in American Taekwondo. Jenn’s technical and scholarly work has been printed in publications such as the DePaul Law Review, the FDCC Quarterly, and Fire and Arson Investigator. Jenn has been writing stories for as long as she can remember, but “Dry Land” is her first foray into the world of published fiction.

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