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Half-lost in worlds where teleportation’s the fastest way to travel and one might just be more god than human, M. Dylan Blair is the dark fantasy author of THE GENESIS TRILOGY and the upcoming NINE WORLDS SAGA. Torn between her two loves of margaritas and magic, M. spends her free time researching something for The House of Araboth so that her characters don’t have to, working on her ever-expanding collection of fruit trees, or obsessing over OUAT and Tomb Raider. She resides in Charleston, SC, with her family where she is currently working on the second book in THE GENESIS TRILOGY, EAST OF EDEN, which will be released in late 2015.



Fall From Paradise, The Genesis Trilogy, M. Dylan Blair, Book Cover, Writer Wednesday, Indie AuthorFall from Paradise (The Genesis Trilogy #1):

Six thousand years ago, the Fall of Man was nothing more than purported fantasy – a fantastical chink in a well-oiled machine called Heaven. And then it happened. The only problem is rumored Eve-incarnate Amelia Strauss doesn’t remember. Not the part about being thrown out of Eden, having more power than even the keepers of Heaven themselves; the Seraphim, or even the Adam standing alive in front of her.

Now, whether she’s ready or not, the past of Heaven’s greatest war criminal is back with a vengeance and ready to make up for lost time. Because while Amelia’s stuck on how everyone from Heaven to Hell knows her name, and that twenty-foot wide black wings don’t come with instruction manuals, not everyone is so elated to find that Eve is still alive. Especially the ones behind The Fall in the first place, the Seraphim.

But with each secret Amelia uncovers, she finds that more than just the Seraphim want her dead. The mysterious, new leader of Hell has his own agenda – one with Amelia at the center of it.

Now thrust back into the fate she left behind, she soon realizes that some memories are best left buried, and that everything, even freedom, comes at a price – a price she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to pay when Heaven and Hell themselves are the cost.

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East of Eden, The Genesis Trilogy, M. Dylan Blair, Writer Wednesday, Book Cover, Indie AuthorEast of Eden (The Genesis Trilogy #2): Coming Soon – Winter 2015


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