Famous Self-published authors! The more you know…

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Self Publishing Authors

There are many readers out in the world who refuse to read Self-Published books, though this is understandable at times, readers shouldn’t shrug them off as all incompetent.  They are missing out an on some excellent stories which are continually rejected by Traditional Publishing Houses for reasons generally unknown.

Mark Twain - Self Publlshed Authorby Charles King, circa 1913

Mark TwainAfter doing some research it is noted that Traditional Publishers have only been around for approximately 100 years, (give or take a bit).  Since this is the case could someone please tell me who published books by Mark Twain and Beatrix Potter? (two name two of hundreds) or even the first edition of the Bible held by the Roman Catholic Church?

I can guarantee the majority of you, over the last few decades have read books by both these authors who were originally SELF PUBLISHED.  Yes, you are reading correctly, these…

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