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First things first.  Do you sort of like Indie books? Indie Authors?  Indie anything?  Okay. You’re in the right place.

Next, do you do Twitter?  I mean seriously.  Are you a part-time tweeter?  A one-in-a-blue tweeter?  Or, are you a hardcore Twitter-nista? Why?

‘Cause for the #IndieRoar challenge from Monday, June 1 through Wednesday, June 10 we are going to throw out a new challenge every day for you to show your Indie chic savvy coolness!  Bone up on your Indie news and views, authors and series!  We want you to show us your Indie passionate roar!

No! We won’t ask you to do anything illegal, or get naked. (If you choose to do these things, we’ll watch! 🙂) Kiddin’!  But we will dare you! Maybe even scare you a bit! But, it’s all good Indie fun!

We’ve got prizes for the three overall winners that make us…

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