****4 Stars****

I stayed up until 2 AM last night/this morning finishing this book. It ended far too soon!
This is the story of Lourdie, a hunter for The King’s Court – descendants of the Knights of the Round Table that protect the world from a race of life-sucking shadow creatures called Netherwalkers – and her spunky apprentice, 14 year-old Abbey. When the two big-city New Yorkers are shipped off to a remote part of the English countryside to train hunters from around the world in their special brand of combat, Lourdie becomes mysteriously affected by a strain of power reaching to her from the area around the Court’s ancestral homeland of Cadbury Hill, the previous site for the legendary Camelot. Nightmares and changes in her already unique powers begin to manifest themselves, and she feels she must hide them from the rest of the hunters or risk appearing crazy or weak.
Let me just say, the beginning of this book was a bit of a tough one for me. It seemed to drag on, with a whole lot of back-story. That being said, as soon as the two main characters found their way to England, the whole feel of the story changed. Action, Adventure, Romance. It had it all. I didn’t want to put it down. But almost as soon as I was hooked, the story was over. Sad days. I will definitely be in line to read the next book in the series. Count on that.
I just have to know what happens now!